Welcome to the Blog of Bay Area Blind Mom

I am a blind mom of three fabulous kids.

I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for two decades now and have experience many of life’s momentous occasions from college graduation to marriage, from starting a career to building a family.

This blog is just a way to share and explore some of the trials, tribulations, ideas and innovations that I experience every day as a mother, woman and blind person living in the wonderful Bay Area.

I invite you to read my posts and leave me a comment. I would love the opportunity to discuss with you any of your thoughts concerning my musings.

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One thought on “Welcome to the Blog of Bay Area Blind Mom

  1. Hi there,

    I’m Sydney, and I work on the research team at Google. Right now, we are looking for participants to take part in an Accessibility research study. We’d love to connect with you to see if you and others you know might be interested in helping make our products more accessible. Please let me know if you’re interested in this, and I can send along further information.

    Thank you!


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